Romana Mikulcicka

Most of us pay a lot more attention to our phone and computer screens rather than to the people around us. I myself spent a great deal of time doing just that, conscientiously and fierily, which has resulted in my master’s degree and a leading management position.

As I was living my student and professional life, I had been growing a natural interest in the alternative forms of medicine; I was getting more and more fascinated with ways of how the human body works, and how adventurous the human mind can be. This interest had convinced me to take the Reflex therapy courses of Mr and Mrs Pataky, or the course of the method introduced by therapist Karel Nejedlý. When I was taking these courses, I was still unaware that one day I could actually help other people, but with passing time I started applying reflex therapy onto my friends and family. Their satisfaction and positive feedback were preparing me for a whole new journey. It took me some 6 879 875 352 presses of the T letter on my keyboard before finally deciding that I would use my Touch and my energy for a more meaningful purpose. That I would start using my Touch in a professional manner.

Massage therapy is, for me personally, an ideal way of how to connect the interest in the human body with the mind, and not have to separate the two in the process. It is best shown in my approach toward my clients, as I try not only to provide the physical effect of my body in the massages, I also attempt to examine possible problems my clients might be facing from a more complex perspective, try to understand its factors and causes. I base my work around the fact that the art of the massage lies in the Touch itself, in its healing powers, and its ability to raise a natural potential of the body to remedy itself.

“Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are”

Romana Mikulcicka cb

mobil: +420 776 306 417

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