Reflexology is a therapeutic method originally coming from eastern Asia. It is said to have been practised for more than five thousand years. It is based on the existence of reflex zones and areas which are placed all over the human body. In other words these zones and areas are nerve endings of all bodily organs. However, feet and hand zones are used most frequently. The greatest benefit of this method, as well as of other East Asian methods of medicine, is prevention. Each organ has its own reflex zone. By stimulating these reflex zones we stimulate a particular organ and help their proper functioning. Thus the whole organism can be harmonized very gently.

Nowadays reflexology is also used to deal with already emerged health problems. Apart from the preventive function it contributes significantly to improvement of acute and chronic problems. It is highly recommended as a supplement to a standard medical treatment.

High value of reflexology lies in its diagnostic competence. Painfulness in the zones indicates weakened organs, which can often be discovered even sooner than the malfunction itself is felt and observed by the client. As it is better to fix a small cavity than to extract the whole tooth, it is also better to stimulate the reflex zone of a particular organ and prevent its real malfunction. For each problem other recommendations that help improve the proper functioning of organs can be suggested, for example: modification of eating habits, providing vitamins and minerals, physical activities and exercises or other massages.


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Reflex therapy can help with:

  • backache and joint pains
  • migraines
  • indigestion
  • tiredness syndrome
  • allergies
  • body detoxification by lymph circulation
  • infertility


How is reflex therapy done?


I do the therapy in three possible modes:

Relaxing feet reflex massage

During this massage I do not go in depth of possible problems, but only stimulate all reflex zones found on both foot soles gently and carefully. Through the massage I harmonize the whole organism in a simple and pleasant way and send stimuli to organs to function better. Not only will you leave the studio full of new energy and with your legs feeling light but your body will also be prompted to general recovery.

The massage is performed on the soles so there is no need to strip off. It is suitable for those of you who have little time to afford a longer procedure.

Massage duration: 30 minutes


Feet reflex massage and unblocking the cervical spine

The massage is started off with an indirect easing of cervical spine by stimulating the big toe. It is followed by gentle and careful stimulation of all reflex zones on the soles of both feet. In case you suffer from problems with any organs or parts of your body, we will focus on their zones. Next we continue with a direct easing of your cervical spine both when sitting and on the bed which brings an immediate relief from certain pains and a great inflow of new energy. The spine unblocking is a gentle method done in a very precise way.

Massage duration: 90 minutes


Reflex therapy with diagnosis

Here we use the diagnostic possibilities of reflexology. After finding out about the state of particular organs we apply the combination of the two procedures mentioned above. This time, though, we focus on specific areas which need attention. What is done:

  • reflex therapy of foot soles
  • reflex unblocking of cervical spine
  • direct unblocking of cervical spine
  • consulting, what needs to get changed in a client‘s lifestyle


Reflexology is a completely safe method, especially if done by a certified therapist. I got my training at Mr and Mrs Patakyovi courses. They specialize in and have been practising alternative medicine focusing on reflexology for more than thirty years. Learning from these masters I also attended seminars on a technique of unblocking the cervical spine. The technique was founded by Ing. Jiří Janča, an expert in alternative forms of medicine recognized all over Europe.

Reflex massage is very effective and can lead to detoxification of your body. You should not worry about the effects caused by detoxification. On the contrary they are a prove that your body is responsive to the stimulation and that a self-cleansing process has been started off. You may possibly feel: a headache, more frequent need to excrete, tiredness, emotional irritation. If you had left some diseases untreated in the past, your body might launch detoxification to get rid off these strains.

All of a sudden a cold, fever, increased perspiration, toothache, backache or joint pain can appear. These side effects are not necessary and most probably you will feel full of new energy right after the massage or the following day. However, do not try to diminish these side effects in case they come, drink plenty of liquids and relax.


When is reflex therapy not given?

It is not given to clients after an organ transplant. The massage could activate immune reactions of the organism and acceptance of the transplanted organ could get complicated.

Reflex therapy and pregnancy?


Pregnancy is not a contraindication. On the contrary, reflexology can help women not only with backache and swollen legs but also to harmonize the organism and loose mental tension. Since it is given while seated (feet soles), the massage is highly practical in this period of women’s life. It can also be used in postnatal period to help recover woman’s organism, to support lactation and importantly to help the baby with digestion.

Reflexology has its place in the area of fertility too. It can be very efficient to stimulate the organs of reproduction and restore healthy and functional environment for conception (e.g. along with taking Rowan – Sorbus aucuparia and exercising according to Mrs Mojžíšová).