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Pregnancy is one of the happiest and most miraculous times of our lives. To bring the new little creature, who is 100% dependent on her mum, into world, the woman protects and nourishes her baby for nine months. This task, though completely natural, involves great energy expenses and the mother´s body has to adjust and undergo some physical transformations. All these changes may or may not lead to certain difficulties, such as backache, joint pain or swollen legs.

One of few options you have during prenatal period is a prenatal massage which can be a great relief from the pregnancy difficulties. This type of massage is based on a gentle and natural human touch and can help both your musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems in following ways:

  • Stress and tension relief
  • Back and neck pain elimination
  • Heavy feet relief
  • Swollen legs soothing

A regular massage during pregnancy harmonizes woman´s organism, strengthens her immunity and helps her on her way to a delivery by making her feel better both physically and mentally.

What is going on during the massage?

The focus is on back, neck and lower limbs. The massage of back is carried out while the woman is lain down on her side and the massage of legs while the woman is seated. There are always a plentiful of pillows and blankets to provide the woman and her belly with a maximum comfort. All touches are slow and gentle. The therapist is fully aware of areas not suitable for stimulation and naturally avoids them. The massage is absolutely safe.


The massage is not done

  • During the first trimester
  • To women with a high-risk pregnancy and other gynaecologic difficulties (in case of any uncertainty, consult your gynaecologist)