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We love oranges but as far as orange peel syndrome is concerned we are rather cautious. Indeed, nobody wants those plastic dimples and we would change them for something like this immediately.

nohy anticel

Unfortunately, miracles do not happen and what we have had for several years cannot be smoothed down by a single massage. Besides they are our legs so let us like them as they are. From now on. However, if you decided to give your legs a fresher and smoother look, a series of anti-cellulite massages can be crucial for the apparent result (accompanied by a change of your diet and by exercising).

There are a lot of factors causing the occurrence of cellulite – bad eating habits, lack of liquids and physical activity, overweight, genetics, hormonal unbalance or malfunctioning lymph system. Knowing what orange peel syndrome is physiologically (deposits of toxins wrapped in fat cells and surrounded by water), we also know how to help the body remove its manifestation. During an anti-cellulite massage problematic areas can be disturbed, fibrotic tissue can be broken up and gathered toxins pushed out by specially performed touches and grasps. In other words, we stimulate subcutaneous structures to improve subcutaneous metabolism and make the drainage of toxins easier. It is ideal to combine with lymphatic massage.

To make sure that the massages are efficient (a few centimetres loss in the area of thighs), it is important to undergo an intensive treatment of eight to ten massages in a row, along with a diet modification, increased intake of liquids and physical activity.

I recommend:
Anti-cellulite massage of lower limbs 30 mins
Anti-cellulite and lymphatic massage of lower limbs 60mins