masaze brno centrum druhy masazi

The typical massage is ideal especially for relieving tension of stiff and blocked muscles and joints in the body, their rehabilitation and better regeneration.

This massage is effective for the proper functioning of inner organs, stimulating their functions positively. It is thus helpful in the case of occurring health issues, but is at the same time a meaningful prevention of all states that push the body out of its balance and cause serious and unpleasant states present all over the organism. This classic massage is also a very relaxing procedure and causes the relief of stress and tension as such, brings out the mental well-being and new energy.


What are the effects of the classic massage?

  • removes the stiffness and pain of muscles, relieves pain
  • brings back energy after physical and mental stress
  • relieves feelings of anxiety and tension
  • renews the abilities of the organism to set self-healing processes
  • improves the bloodstream, supports the flow of the lymphatic system
  • detoxicates
  • strengthens immunity
  • removes insomnia
  • improves digestion
  • improves skin problems
  • removes muscle cramps

What kind of massages do I perform?

The classic massage is performed either as a full-body massage or as a partial massage regarding the needs and issues of the client. The most frequent combinations are:

Back and nape massage
Back, nape and head massage
Back and legs massage – from behind
Back, legs and arms massage

Back and legs massage preformed from behind – 60 mins
Back, arms and legs massage – 90 mins

Contraindications of the massage:

  • feverish, infectious and inflammatory diseases
  • tumorous diseases
  • conditions requiring rest in bed
  • more complex blood conditions (hemophilia, leukemia)
  • abdominal cavity infections
  • abdominal cavity bleeding (ulcers)

If in doubt please always consult your physician.