“Romana’s reflex therapy helped me to get through the nuisances in my second trimester – it helped me lose the backaches, and after several long weeks I regained my energy, I simply felt younger. I can only recommend it to anyone, not just future moms. “

Klára P.

“Magical hands that make the pain and suffering go away. Every perfectly targeted touch means a great relief for me. Romana’s reflex therapy gets me through my migraine periods much more smoothly. I am her regular client, and leave every session with a great deal of energy and positivity. “

Tereza P.

“A massage is one of my personal top physical experiences of bliss (when it is performed successfully or by someone extraordinary  I never say no to this kind of physical contact, and I have experienced both amateur massages as well as professional ones. And I can only say that the massages performed by Ms Mikulčická are on the very top of my scale. In my opinion, Romana possesses a great deal of understanding and talent, her pressure and the intensity of her touch suit me just fine, and she is very technical and aware of what she is doing (no plain talking here). Plus, she bears a powerful human potential (there is nothing worse than a massage therapist who is distant from the client and the profession itself. I cannot wait to recommend Romana to all my beloved ones and let them experience the happiness that she provides on a regular basis :-). “

Petra M.

“The foot reflex therapy and the release of spine tension resulted in an instant relief of backaches, it is truly a considerate and working technique that gets rid of pain and brings back the energy into the body. This method allows Romana to determine the problematic organs, those were kidneys in my case, plus she is able to recommend the right herbal treatment and diet. It is an uncommon experience at first, but I recommend it, your body will thank you and ask for more :-). “

Veronika M.

“Ms. Romana’s massages helped me get rid of intense back pains. Not even rehabilitation nurses were able to see that one of my legs shortened after an accident I had experienced. Ms. Romana needed no more than 15 minutes to recognize the problem, and it only took a few sessions to fix the issues and lose the aches. I truly thank Ms. Romana and can do nothing else but to recommend her services. “

Tomáš. O.