Lymphatic massage is based on the principle of helping the body with a self-cleansing process provided by the lymphatic system. The basis of the system is the flowing lymph. Along with the perfect system of lymphatic vessels and nodes, the lymph guarantees a drainage and filtration of toxins, bacteria and other impurities. Therefore the lymphatic system takes an important part in the proper functioning of our immune system. A malfunctioning lymphatic system causes the tumescence of lymphatic nodes which protect us from toxins. Hypertrophic tonsils during an illness, which, in fact, is a body defence against bacteria, are an example. Cold, asthma, allergy, blocked sinuses, rash or acne are after-effects of a blocked lymphatic system.

The most frequent impacts of a malfunctioning lymphatic system are:


    • swelling
    • tiredness
    • various immune system malfunctions
    • cold, blocked sinuses
    • asthma
    • allergies, rashes, acne
    • cellulite



Human hands and their very gentle and precise movements and touches are capable of stimulating the lymphatic system and thus improve the cleansing system of the body.

How is the massage performed?

Lymphatic massage is very specific and differs from a classic one in not using oil. It is also fairly gentle. Lymphatic vessels are placed right under the body surface and the pressure performed during the massage has to be adjusted accordingly. Not only is the effect of the massage highly remedial, you can also relax and gain some new energy.


What effects does a lymphatic massage have? It:

  • drains toxins from our body
  • speeds up the metabolism and excretion
  • strengthens our immunity
  • works on tiredness
  • eases swellings
  • makes the feeling of heavy feet more bearable
  • improves the skin
  • removes puffiness under the eyes


When to come for a massage?

  • Anytime you feel your lymphatic system is not working properly
  • Lymphatic massage is also a perfect and easy way of prevention against viral and bacterial illnesses and of an overall immunity strengthening


Contraindication of lymphatic massages:

  • varicose veins
  • thrombosis
  • thyroid malfunction
  • turbidity
  • ulcer diseases
  • oncological diseases
  • first trimester of pregnancy